The Diane is in the Details

As Halloween 2017 draws to a close, I bring you my first blog post on Pop Chic Thrift. Tonight I reveal my thrift shop costume — Diane Evans.. and.. wait for it…. I also give you an Audrey Horne costume bonus! I won’t actually make you wait for Audrey like Lynch did on Twin Peaks: The Return! Wink wink.

Diane Evans was an obvious costume choice for a fashion junkie and Twin Peaks fan like me. The first time I saw her, I knew I had to switch from my first costume choice, Nadine Hurley, and quick! I had already spent time searching for Nadine wear, however Twin Peaks: The Return dropped Diane Evans, the fashion forward firecracker with many secrets, right in my lap.

The Diane we see in most of The Return is a fear and anxiety riddled minion of Evil Coop’s creation, tensely clutching a colorful embroidered handbag, an iPhone in an Orla Kiely phone case, an airplane bottle of liquor, and a cigarette that she pulls on long and hard. It’s in these details that I fell in love with the idea of being her.

That my friends, brings me to my point. Details are important in a costume, a look, and a character. However, when thrifting, one mustn’t get caught up in too many. First, choose details wisely. A truly thrifty costume won’t have every last detail, because then it’s no longer thrifty. It all adds up $$$! Opt to seek out the most essential details of your desired vision so you can pluck that perfectly fitting mini skirt from your closet, to round out your look — instead of buying everything.

Now let’s talk fit! Not only are details crucial, but comfort and fit can equally elevate a look. What I mean is, don’t try to buy the top that looks exactly like the one the character wore if it doesn’t fit. You must feel secure and confident to portray your character, especially a chic and snappy secretary like Diane Evans. Remember, the key details along with a form fitting look will convey the message.

Finally, tie it all together by using what you’ve got. I mentioned my perfect little mini skirt, however that’s not the only element of my Diane costume that I didn’t buy. The colorful bangles were from my friend (ask around — see what others have). Borrowing and shopping my own closet allowed me to splurge on a full set of Diane-themed gel nails that would last most of October and that Orla Kiely phone case. No need to be uptight about the money you’ve spent. Just be uptight that you’ve got to assist FBI Agents Gordon Cole, Albert Rosenfield, and Tammy Preston… In the words of Ms. Evans herself, “Fuck you Tammy!”.

Now take a look at some of the thrifty deals I found and the finished looks of Diane Evans and Audrey Horne. It’s Halloween, “Let’s Rock!”



Asian-Inspired Top – $5 plus $5 shipping on Poshmark


Embroidered Handbag – $22 at Blue Velvet Vintage, Austin, TX


Leopard Jacket – $12 at Texas Thrift, Austin, TX


Platinum Wig – $30 at The Bazaar, Austin, TX

We’re at a total of $67 plus tax! Other elements were shopped from my own closet or borrowed from friends. When all of the Twin Peaks themed Halloween parties are over, these items can now be re-purposed as everyday wear.

And now onto the Audrey Horne look, as promised. Allison, the friend that loaned me my accessories knows how to thrift the perfect Twin Peaks look too.


1940’s Bob Wig – $42 at The Bazaar, Austin, TX


Plaid Skirt – $9 at Revival Vintage, Austin, TX


Burgundy Cardigan – $11 at Lake Austin Goodwill, Austin, TX


Saddle Shoe Pumps – $38 at True Love Shoes, Denver, CO

Audrey’s look comes to around $100, with other elements shopped from Allison’s closet. Remember, Audrey is a touch bougee and may require additional splurging! Just ask Ben Horne for the card..


Looking for our Coop..


Oh where could he be?