Football Femme

Hello everyone! It’s Fall and football season is in full swing. This week my team, The New Orleans Saints had their sixth straight win and are leading the NFC South. Now let’s not talk about that too much, as I’m superstitious and this post is not entirely about the Saints. Let’s talk about sporty style. “Football Femme”, in particular. Since my team is doing well, I’m inspired to share with you four looks that can be mixed and matched in several ways. These looks can work with any team’s wear/colors and most importantly, they prove that football fashion can be form-fitting, fun, femme, and frugal.

My first find this season, is this vintage Locker Line jacket. I love a good NFL jacket, ever since my boo let me wear his Starter jacket back in 1994. I searched for a Saints jacket online and finally found this one from a seller on eBay. It was originally $50, however I offered $30, which is what I ended up paying. Just goes to show you that you that you can find a great deal when thrift shopping online. I love that this jacket can be paired with jeans, dresses, skirts, and even shorts.


Locker Line Saints Jacket – $30 eBay


Accessorize with hoops earrings, leggings, beanies, boots, and skirts.

Below, I’ve styled the jacket with two different skirts to dress is up and dress it down. One look says “Fashion Forward Fan” and the other says “Let’s Tailgate!” And guess what, cutoff mini skirts are back.

My next look is called “The Faith”. It’s called this because you’ve got to have faith in your team and my girlfriend, Faith inspired this look. It’s a tee and scarf combo that she always pulls off perfectly. The tee is from a New Orleans boutique called Fleurty Girl. Not all football fashion has to be from Academy or a sporting goods store. Search out local boutiques that design their own tees. That way, you’re shopping locally, you’ll have a unique design, and most likely a ladies fit to choose from.


Fleurty Girl Tee – $25, paired with embellished gold earrings, fringe boots, black and gold scarf, and jeans. Shop Fleurty Girl Here


And now for a fun and casual style that screams “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” or “Let the good times roll!”, if you’re unfamiliar. I find that jerseys are hard to pull off. Most are ill-fitting on a curvy girl like me. I decided to try my hand at shopping the boys section at Goodwill and found this treasure. My $5 Marques Colston jersey is roomie and comfy enough to cheer on my team, yet snugs my curves like a fitted tee. Remember, jerseys can get pricey, so check the thrift shops and children’s sections regularly.


Colston Jersey – $5 at Goodwill paired with knee high socks, chucks, that cut off denim skirt, and some ornate gold hoops.


Oh, and don’t forget your favorite Nola coozie for the tailgate! This one is from Domilise’s Po-Boy & Bar, hehe! Have some fun with your hair too. Do a  “Sporty Spice” high pony.

And now for my last look of the post. Pro-Tip: you don’t have to buy official NFL gear, clothes adorned with logos, or baggy sportswear to rep for the home team. Just buy stylish clothing, in your team’s colors, at your favorite stores. Easy peasy, and you’ll be the trendsetter at the game. Every team has great colors that can be accented with gold or silver accessories. Here’s what I came up with at Boubie’s Boutique in Austin.


Black Jacket with Gold Zipper and Snaps – $8 at Boubie’s Boutique



I paired this jacket with high-waisted jeans, gold hoops, boots, and some shimmery leg warmers to accent the look.

To recap, repping for your favorite team doesn’t have to be a tee with jeans. But if it is, make it a snazzy design from a boutique! Your look doesn’t have to be purchased in a sporting goods store or from the men’s jersey section. Look in thrift shops, second hand online shops, and make an affordable but fair offer. Don’t forget to mix it up. These four looks can easily be six or eight with some accessory changes. Last of all, have fun with your look. Get hyped! Show your team spirit in your style and swagger. And get to a game!

Since I’m talking about getting hyped, I’ll leave you with this treat. A little Black and Gold  to get us fans psyched for Sunday. WHO DAT!



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